First Year Project Results

Within the first year of the project, GreenCell worked along with two engineering firms to develop different tray fermenter configurations for oospore production. Proposals have been assessed and are currently under optimization for P. oligandrum cultivation and harvesting to ensure that production targets set in the project will be met. At the same time, Lamberti has assessed several formulative options, selecting the most convenient ones for both chemical/biological stability and ease of application for end-users. Last round of stability testing is taking place to make the final decision on the preferred formulation to be used for the next project phase. EURION prepared a first approval dossier according to the data requirements of the Regulation (EC) n°283/2013 (active substance) and Regulation (EC) n°284/2013 (representative formulation) and sent it   to the Belgium Authorities in November 2020. Tecnalia, responsible of the integrated Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment, is establishing the methodology to be applied and how the Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing and Social-Life Cycle Assessment should be carried out (goal and scope phase). CiaoTech actively led Dissemination activities associated to the project on social media and in international conferences such as the IFIB 2020, (the International Forum on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy), further starting to identify the major market and technology trends as well as the most important stakeholders to provide partners with a comprehensive overview for future road to market and possible exploitation routes definition.