NEWS / BIOBESTicide at the Plant BioProtech 2022

  • 06/07/2022

BIOBESTicide at the Plant BioProtech 2022

BIOBESTicide joined the Plant BioProtech 2022 symposium, held in Reims (France) from 27th to 30th June 2022.

This event focused on scientific, technical and political aspects related to the plant bioprotection, and it gathered not only the scientific community, but also the industry sector, in particular firms involved in the development, formulation and distribution of bioproducts (e.g.: elicitors, biocontrol agents, biostimulants), also allowing researchers and industrials experts in biocontrol to meet, discuss and share their latest results, developments and innovations in the field.

In this unique scenario, our coordinator GREENCELL and partner INRAE had the chance to present the BIOBESTicide in two different sessione: during the poster, held by Séverine Lopez and the oral presentation “BioBesticide, the eco-friendly and sustainable solution for vineyards diseases in Europe” held by Enrique GONZALEZ BAUTISTA in the frame of the session “Bottlenecks, Potential & Existing Solutions” held on June 30th.