NEWS / Getting to know our partners: an interview with EURION

  • 27/04/2022

Getting to know our partners: an interview with EURION

The series of our interviews continues! This time we get to know more about Eurion Consulting and its role in Biobesticide.

PNO Consultants had an interesting chat with Emilie Lemarié and got a deeper insight on her work within the project, read them all here!


  1. Can you present yourself and your company?

My name is Emilie Lemarié, after my graduation (MSc 2 degree – Functional Biology of Plants, Bio-traceability, Biodiversity and Bio-detection, traceability and agri-food quality), I joined the company EURION Consulting, where I work as European regulatory affairs expert since 2007.

EURION Consulting was created by Dr Christelle Martinez and is based in France (Montpellier). Our company is formed with a team of EU Regulatory Experts specialized in the registration of Plant Protection Products, including Biocontrol products, Biocides, and Biostimulants and Fertilizers in EUROPE. Our team, high scientists (Master or PhD), has acquired now a very good reputation to work on this kind of products at the regulatory level, and especially on Biocontrol products.

  1. How and why did you join the BIOBESTicide adventure?

Because EURION Consulting is recognized as the consultant for Biocontrol products, we started the adventure with Dr Jonathan Gerbore (Greencell – R&D manager) before the BIOBESTicide project with some preliminary analysis of the EU regulation in order to build the best strategy to put the Greencell’s new Biocontrol product on the EU market. So, our company naturraly continued this collaboration and joined the BIOBESTicide adventure.

  1. What stage of the BIOBESTicide value chain are you involved in?

EURION Consulting is involved in the approval dossier (active substance dossier at EU level) and in the registration dossier (formulation dossier at national level) in order to be compliant with the EU rules to put the Greencell’s new Biocontrol product on the EU market.

  1. What is your vision on Environment for the next 10 years?

This is a very good question, and it is very difficult to have a realistic point of view because 10 years is long, but short at regulatory level.  As the environment is now of common Mondial interest, I personally hope that over the next 10 years new biocontrol products will emerge, which would be an essential step for our environment and the generations to come.

  1. What can we wish you for 2022 and for your BIOBESTicide adventure?

For sure the approval of the Pythium oligandrum at EU level! For EURION, as a consultant, this will be the perfect “award” of the work done and of the quality of the prepared approval dossier. And this will allow to show that even if the pandemic slowed down European activities, it has not stopped the BIOBESTicide adventure!