NEWS / Getting to know our partners: an interview with Lamberti

  • 13/12/2021

Getting to know our partners: an interview with Lamberti

In the frame of BIOBESTicide activities, PNO Consultants had a nice talk with Federico De Pellegrini, Global Technical Manager Agriculture Division from Lamberti.

The interview is exploring the role of the organization within the project scope and Lamberti contribution to the agricultural sector.


  1. Can you present yourself and your company?

Lamberti Group is an Italian chemical company founded in 1911, based in Italy and located in many countries with subsidiaries and production facilities. The Headquarters of Lamberti Group and its Technological Centre are located in the North of Italy, not so far from Milan. Lamberti’s portfolio consists of products belonging to the following technologies: Polysaccharides derivatives (cellulosics and other hydrocolloids), Water-based synthetic polymers (polyacrylates and water-based polyurethanes) and Oleochemicals (surfactants fatty derivatives and functional formulations). Along with the R&D labs, dedicated to products and processes innovation based on the core technologies, several laboratories of the Business Units are focused on performance assessment, new products promotion and technical assistance on several reference markets, such as Textile & Digital Industrial Inks, Coatings, Construction, Leather, Ceramics, Agrochemicals, Oil & Gas, Paper and Home & Personal Care.

Federico De Pellegrini: MSc in Chemistry. After my graduation I have acquired a broad experience in surfactant science, starting my career working as plant technologist for a multinational chemical company. I then moved into FMCG business where I had the opportunity to learn about formulation development as well as improving my managerial skills. Currently I hold the Agro Division Global Technical Manager position, having direct technical and R&D responsibilities for the Agro business.


  1. How and why did you join the BIOBESTicide adventure?

How : The initial link to the project was the fact that we already had commercial relationship with Greentech, the project coordinator, and we are recognized as a valuable partner for innovation in formulation.

Why:  because we believed that the challenge ahead was exciting, and we wanted to provide our innovative solutions. In addition, we really value long-term partnerships.


  1. What stage of the BIOBESTicide value chain are you involved in?

As coformulants manufacturer, we aim to have a positive impact on the overall product performance and to use this opportunity to design innovative products able to meet the new challenge of formulating and delivering bio-based actives in agro.


  1. What is your vision on agriculture for the next 10 years?

I believe in the next 10 years agriculture will be significantly different from what is today, both in terms of agronomical practices an technology that will be used. I think we will witness the introduction of new means to apply inputs to the field (like drones) and the use of biologicals will steadily grow, probably becoming a very relevant part of the entire agro process. For these reasons, it is very exciting to be part of this project.


  1. What can we wish you for 2022 and for your BIOBESTicide adventure?

I hope 2022 will allow the team to consolidate all the great project work that has been carried out so far, and I also hope that the pandemic pressure will start to ease so that we will have the occasion to meet in person!