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Nordzucker AG

Nordzucker is the company that has been producing sugar of the highest quality since 1838, and is now one of the leading sugar producers of Europe. With around 3.200 employees in 18 European locations, they supply the food industry, the retail trade and consumers with products of the highest quality. Sustainability is a top priority for Nordzucker. As a food producer, sustainable thinking and acting are a natural part of their daily activity. Environmental and social considerations are the main factors in their decision-making process. In this way, it always keeps in mind the development of their value chain in a sustainable way. Their goal is to continuously optimize it together with suppliers, service providers, employees and customers. Traceability, quality and reliability, as well as rigorous social and ethical standards guarantee the customers that they have found the right partner in them. They want to grow with the stakeholders throughout our value chain and continuously improve every aspect of their performance. The imminent changes to the sugar market regime and the internationalization of the markets present them and their partners with challenges and opportunities. The approach to sustainability will play a decisive role in helping them to address them.

Role in the project: NORDZUCKER provides the feedstocks, i.e. sugar by-products such as beet pulp and beet molasses required for fungi growth.