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CIAOTECH S.r.l., a wholly owned company of the PNO Group, is Europe’s largest independent public funding and innovation consultancy with 30 years of hands-on expertise with more than 500 funding programmes in most EU countries, annually raising approximately 1 Billion Euro for its clients. Created in 1985, CTECH is a high-growth knowledge-intensive company, supporting over 2.000 clients throughout Europe, annually developing over 250 European consortia. CTECH has presence in 7 European countries (The Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, The UK and Spain), employing in around 250 people in western Europe alone. CTECH’s “Innovation Management” services deliver high quality support to large sized companies, SMEs, Universities, Research Institutes, Associations and clusters in the full cycle of the innovation process, including:

  • Analysing, defining and planning innovation processes;
  • Building innovation networks, partnerships and projects;
  • Managing Projects and driving innovation.

CTECH within the BioEconomy space:

CTECH has a strong client base and track record in the interlinked chemical industry, biotech and eco-innovation sectors, with a particular insight in EU policies and programmes, as well as innovation and funding projects and programmes in 12 European countries. Being partner in multiple EU-funded (including FP7 and Horizon 2020) projects and several commercial assignments, CTECH Consultants fully qualifies as a relevant and positive long-term stakeholder within the European BioEconomy panorama. For example, CTECH is active partner in the FP7 bio-projects BIO-TIC and BIO-MIMETIC as well as in the Horizon 2020 bio-projects BIOLINX and ROBOX. On a commercial base, CTECH has recently produced a practical guide to support the Biobased Industry crossing bridges and optimizing funding possibilities. To help this sector make maximum use of the synergy possibilities, the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) and CTECH Consultants (CTECH) published the practical guide “Combining BBI (H2020) and European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) to deploy the European bioeconomy”. In addition to that, CTECH is involved as advisor in roadmap development for the chemical industry towards Public Private Partnership Programmes in HORIZON 2020 (eg: SPIRE), with an important focus on industrial biotech as well as European networking and incubator projects with various smart specialisation regions which will provide a real life experience base. Finally, CTECH has supported the European Commission DG GROWTH Expert Group on BioBased Products on the evaluation of a continental scale Biobased Product Public Procurement Program.

Role in the project: CiaoTech is involved in the Dissemination & Exploitation of project results, maximising the project impacts at European level. It performs Stakeholders and Market analysis as well as exploitation and dissemination activities.