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EURION Consulting

EURION Consulting is specialized in the approval of active substance (micro-organisms, plant extracts, chemicals, oils, minerals, etc.) in Europe and the registration of plant protection products, bio-stimulant products, biocontrol products, adjuvants and fertilizer products in Europe. EURION Consulting is missioned to prepare and to build these approvals and registration dossiers, in accordance to the European Regulations and national requirements, and to send these dossiers to each concerned European Ministries and Authorities. To this aim, EURION Consulting is in contact with all the European Ministries and Authorities (including EFSA and the European Commission), for pre-submission meetings, specific questions linked to the dossiers, following-up of the dossiers until final decision, etc.

Role in the project: EURION is involved in the validation of the biopesticide, especially for its registration at national level and approval at European level.