West Pomeranian Chemical Cluster “Green Chemistry” in Szczecin is an internationally active research- development and dissemination cluster of enterprises and scientific units from the West Pomeranian Province and other parts of Poland within the framework of extensive value chains around research, development and demonstration projects related to so-called green chemistry, thus leading to greater innovative activity of its members on the Polish and foreign markets.

West Pomeranian Chemical Cluster Association “Green Chemistry” was registered in 2007 as Non-Profit organization. Our daily activities are governed by association statutes and internal management regulations, as well as the prepared and approved Vision and Mission of Cluster until year 2022. The term of office of all association authorities (the General Meeting of Association Members, Association Board, Audit Committee) lasts 4 years. The Association Board consists of 3 people. The Association consists of natural and legal persons, universities, territorial self-government units and business-related institutions. At present, more than 140 companies (small, medium and large companies) are involved from the chemical, packaging, food and energy-recycling industries, which hope to gain market advantage by joining forces (value chain). In addition, there are: EU project design teams and research teams concentrated at 4 universities, we cooperate with 5 business environment institutions as well as four local government units (including the West Pomeranian Voivodship Board). The Cluster operates a team of animators who provide daily contact with cluster members, organizes meetings and mediates new business relationships, and animates in setting up scientific and industrial consortia.

Role in the project: WPCC is involved in the Techno-economic assessment & Exploitation of project results, maximising the project impact especially in the European bio-based industry.